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Once a year, we get festive and create our own panettone - a doughy and delicious traditional Italian Christmas sweet bread.

Each panettone is cared for and worked on for at least 36 hours by our head baker, Shady Wasef, who studied the long, complex method of panettone making with one of Italy’s best bakers, Mauro Scaglia.

We make ours with local flour, free-range eggs, butter, candied orange peel and raisins. And while there’s no artificial preservatives, the natural fermentation and rich consistency of the dough means it will stay fresh for one week.

Our panettone is best enjoyed as it comes, but it also makes the world’s best bread and butter pudding.

You may need more than one...

Our panettone come in a beautifully wrapped box (with gift card attached - the ideal present!) and can be purchased in the bakery during open hours, 7am-11am. No pre-orders available. Batches are limited, so it's first come, first served!