• Our light is (almost) always on

Kneading, rolling and piping...

If you drive by our little bakery on Pyrmont's Harris Street day or night, chances are the lights will be up, the aprons on and the ovens roaring away… because as a bakery, we’re always working on something.

Head baker Shady designed our bakery so that everything’s on show and we can share the process with you. Through our big shopfront window you'll see a space that's open, warm and inviting, surrounded by exposed brick walls and a big, bustling open kitchen.

Our glass displays are filled with rows of colourful pastries and our shelves packed with beautifully-tanned, textured loaves. Artisanal pantry staples like organic flour, aromatic coffee bags and Italian olive oil are lined up along wooden shelves. And there's a fridge full of free-range eggs, pure Jersey milk and cultured butter.

We are happy to share our processes, ingredients, techniques and stories with you, openly, anytime we're open. So please don’t be shy, say hello and feel free to ask us questions. We want you to feel at home here at PiOiK.


When are you open?

Our bakery is open 7am to 11am Wednesday to Sunday. NO Pre-Orders. For any enquiry, please call 0414 336 143

Can I dine in?

Pre-Covid, we were offering a sit-down menu and we hope to bring it back soon. For now, we're offering takeaway only, so come pick up a coffee, breads, pastries, and artisanal pantry staples during our open hours.

Can I order online?

Not just yet.

NO Pre-Orders.

For any enquiry, please call 0414 336 143

Do you have gluten-free?

We do our best to make our range as friendly to everyone as possible. Our breads are mostly dairy free and we bake a small selection of gluten-friendly items. But please ask us before purchasing if you have any dietary requirements to discuss. Always best to be sure!

Are your products organic?

Our breads and pastries are free of artificial flavours and colours, and do not contain preservatives. We use organic produce wherever possible. As they're all natural, they're best eaten freshly-baked within 1-2 days.

Do you serve coffee?

For sure! The perfect pairing to a crunchy croissant is an aromatic coffee. We use Primary Coffee Roaster coffee beans for a batch brew. Enjoy as takeaway.

All of our products may contain traces of nuts, eggs, seeds, gluten and/or dairy.